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  • Hello here is Uro
    I m from south america and i want to tell you something very important. Please, i ve learned english, i know it s not perfect, forgive my mistakes written in this text.
  • My message is! Be careful !
    Humans seems to be very near to destroy themself.
  • I ve been born for more than 15000 years!
    I m a member of a special project, one of 5 teams, prepared to wake up in the future of this world.
  • You ll think, that i ll only want to make a big story, or that i m crazy, so i ll tell you what has happend.
  • I waked up year 2007 of your time dating.
    The last years i ve needed to survive and to learn your language. An expedition in the anden in 2007 have waked up my team of 5 persons.
  • Now i ve solved some tasks and i m able to inform you, and the world of the worst kind of human behaviour. There is enough danger in the world, and no lord, allah ,who wants that anyone destroys humans, live or anything in this world.
  • Ok, nobody knows about humans like us, born 15000 years ago, i think. This is a human period you know nothing about it, time which forget.
  • There is no memory.
  • Me and the humans 15000 years before are magic. We use real magic. Today humans have lost most oft it. Everyone has a part of magic, but you have in most part forbidden to lern and develop it.
    You have schools children learn languages and mathematics, but hardly anything about life and there spiritual power.
  • Ok, was has happened 15000 years before in a time humans and animals of a late prehistorical period have been living on this earth in common.
    Some animals had been an intelligence like humans. The biggest you would say dinosaurus had not only power, they had a sozial an comunicational behavior like us. Some animals today too.
  • Humans and i only able to tell it from south of the earth had a very good time of development an science. Physiks and metaphysiks and knowledge has not been in war, there not has been rich teachers, and together we had been able to combine and use stones, elements, water, fire, metal, air and life in a part you would dream about it.
    One special project was to alive the time.
    We have found a way to prepare and send someone in the future. First one, than ten, than 50 Years . All people have alive this experiments, there have not been any Problems. All we have needed was a save room a special drink , and someone to wake up in the future with a special chemical flouid on the skin of the sleeping children, woman, man.
    After 50 years a children has been a children. And then, a dangerous part of this project aims to reach 200, 300 , 500 Years, with special teams each of 5 Persons on 5 save points in the rocks of this earth..
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